who says it can't be real?

I am an acknowledgedly privileged white Wisconsin girl and former medical student at UW-Madison who now doesn't know what the freak she's doing with her life. A proud queer romantic asexual still working on being just as ecstatic about her biaural sensorineural hearing loss (almost there).

This sounds like a formal manifesto so let's change the beat. I AM A FREAKIN' GLITTERBABY FANGIRL. LOVE ME! (or get annoyed with me but I'll just pull a Dumbledore and whip my hair Aberforth).

I warn you there will be social justice butt kicking infused with borderline freakish amounts of Starkid, Harry Potter, Glee, The Hunger Games, all things theatre, Firefly, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, and all sorts o' nerdy things all the other nerds geek about.

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Let’s add more fierce WOC to this.

Just a quick thank you to the loves who supported me in my long freak personal post earlier

seriously, thank you

thank you for even reading the freakin novel much less responding

Glitter hearts for all of you. It helped, really it did at least a little to know I’m not horrible in feeling that way.

So much love <3